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When Fandoms Collide: Chapter 4 (PG-13)

May 11th, 2014 (01:17 am)

Summary: Welcome to my life, where the characters move in and take over. Only this time, they're not just from Middle-earth! Whodathunk Legolas would object to my Hawkeye crush? Or that a dwarf and a Russian spy would get along so well? What happens when Hobbits and Tony Stark insist the Fellowship join the Avengers? A Sequel to
A Mirkwood Spider Landed On My Front Porch

When Fandoms Collide

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Author's Note: I know it's been a while, but here I am back to finish this monstrosity. Just remember this story was started and is set BEFORE Thor The Dark World.

And of course, this is when the front door opens and Bruce enters calmly. He glances around at the utter chaos of the room, then casually says, "I just thought you all might wish to know Loki is outside with a burning eyeball on a stick."

Shady Happenings


The Lollipop of Doom

Everybody rushes to the window to look outside (though only a handful can actually see out as there are far too many people in my tiny apartment for everyone to get a view — I really need to move!

I push my way forward, and stare out to the patio.

Sure enough, there is Loki holding what appears to be a lollipop stick with a flaming eyeball instead of a lollipop attached to the top.

Well, now I've seen everything.

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Hobbit Desolation of Smaug review Part Two

December 15th, 2013 (12:39 am)

Saw it again tonight and the second viewing was better!! I am much more accepting of the parts I wasn't taken with first time around. Some of it still annoys me but it IS understated. I still like Tauriel as a character, tho there are still some implications that ruffle my feathers, overall I could ignore them and just enjoy the movie. I am also annoyed with at the quotes from LOTR. I don't see it as a connection so much as repetition.

One thing that was greatly different was how I perceived Thranduil, because the first time Thranduil rubbed me wrong because he WASNT what I wanted him to be. I liked him much better this time around because I think I understand him better and what PJ was doing with the character. My nephew pointed out that he was motivated in some ways by fear (obviously he has had a run in with a fire drake at some point!) which explains his refusal to get involved when Smaug first attacked in AUJ. My nephew also pointed out that sometimes when you fear something, you become the thing you fear. With that in mind, I suddenly saw Thranduil's mannerisms in an entirely new light. When he's worked up about something, his movements are snakelike...draconic even, in fact they greatly mirror the movements of Smaug. It's an interesting thought, anyway.

He is still not how I see the character by any means, but I'm no longer annoyed. I can enjoy the character and look forward to seeing more about him. I also put some things together and think I've figured out where some of the plot is going. :)

Legolas and Tauriel are still bad ass. Bilbo is wonderful. And I still love the scene with Beorn and think it's better than in the books! And Smaug just gets better and better. Benedict owned that part!

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Movie Review: Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

December 13th, 2013 (04:05 am)

Long time no see! So, I just got in from seeing the midnight showing of DOS and have been asked to review the film for those, who like me, are leery. I'm not sure I could do it justice in Facebook format, so here I am.

Warning, there could be minor spoilers, though I shall try to avoid them and stick to a more general feel of what I saw. I'll put it behind a cut just to be safe. Hobbit DOS review - POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTCollapse )

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Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

January 29th, 2013 (01:41 am)

Definitely leave the kiddies at home. It was exactly what I expected. Dark and action packed. Just a fun no brainer movie which I definitely needed. Jeremy is fabulous as Hansel and Gemma rocked as Gretel. I'd almost go so far as to say she outshined him. Almost. 

Dont heed the critics. They have no appreciation for this kind of film. Or fantasy in genral. The film is a great ride, lots of fun. I really enjoyed it, but then all they need to do is put Jeremy in black leather and give him a weapon and a cause and I'm good! :D

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FIC: When Fandoms Collide 3/? PG-13

December 15th, 2012 (11:43 pm)

Summary: Welcome to my life, where the characters move in and take over. Only this time, they’re not just from Middle-earth! Whodathunk Legolas would object to my Hawkeye crush? Or that Gimli and Black Widow would get along so well? What happens when Hobbits insist the Fellowship join the Avengers? A Sequel to A Mirkwood Spider Landed On My Front Porch

When Fandoms Collide

Previous Chapter


The Big Bang That Wasn't


Sauron's Not Dead Yet

"Loki has escaped his bonds on Asgard and has aligned himself with an evil known as Sauron." Thor finds himself suddenly under close scrutiny as every eye in the room focuses on him.

"Ummm…." Frodo looks a bit discombobulated (because the author tries to include that word in every story). "We kind of defeated him and he blew up."

"Left a huge hole in Mordor that Aragorn filled with water from the Anduin," Sam adds. "Now it's a water park. They use oliphants to make it a wave pool."

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FIC: Seeds of Hope PG

December 15th, 2012 (11:41 pm)

Summary: When Legolas took leave of his father, gathered those of his people willing, and relocated to Ithilien, he did so with the thought that he could heal the broken land, reseed the forests and bring beauty once again to Gondor. Instead he finds different seeds must first be planted, and that the true beauty of Ithilien will be the merging of the peoples themselves. 2nd Place Teitho Contest "Seeds"

Seeds of Hope

"Be well, my son. May the forest be blessed by your hands."


Legolas gripped his father's arm one last time and looked into his eyes, feeling his throat constrict with emotion. This leave taking was more difficult than he could have imagined. His time for this world was short, by the measure of his people. How many more times would he see his family? But to remain in the land of his birth, so far from the call of the gulls, was unthinkable. And he had promised Aragorn he would return and bring with him those of his folk willing to help rebuild the forests and gardens of Ithilien. He longed to see those once fair lands healed of the taint of Mordor.

"And may Eryn Lasgalen be blessed by yours, Adar."

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hobbit review

December 14th, 2012 (04:25 am)

3D 48 FPS. Hate it. Looks like a BBC TV movie. If you're expecting the same look and epic feel of LOTR, you'll be disappointed. I was. I was actually bored through big chunks of it. Not sure if that's due to the splitting headache 48 FPS 3D gave me or just PJ falling short in a mighty way. This movie is simply not on the same level as LOTR. It feels more like the book (it's certainly pretty faithful to it and the appendices!), which in some ways is good, but I was expecting the same epic feel and look of LOTR. I want to see it in 2D 24 FPS and see if I like it better. If this is the future look of movies...I'll pass.

That said, there is so much I absolutely LOVE. The rich culture of the dwarves is....wow. My inner dwarf is very happy and I was expecting to be fuming on that score. In fact I expected to hate them, and I fell in love with them! Inside Erebor was incredible, but felt more like an online game than that same stunned feel I had in FOTR in Moria.

The scenery is stunning...when it doesnt look like a TV movie or online game. The view of Erebor in the distance at the end gave me chills. It could have come straight from my imagination. Radaghast is cooky and I could have done without him or the stone giants. The eagles were awesome and one of my favorite parts. Dol Guldur is also pretty faithful to my imagination. Rivendell was a disappointment. No sons of Elrond. Elrond on horseback was pretty awesome tho. Lindir looks much better than Figwit. Galadriel's linen dress is stunning. Thorin is amazing and Bilbo far more heroic than the books. It worked for me tho.

Oh and the wargs looked better.

I nearly squealed near the beginning of the film but I won't give away why. And we got a tiny glimpse of Smaug which made me happy and gives me hope part 2 will be better. I wont be seeing it in 3D or 48 FPS.

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Fic: When Fandoms Collide 2/? PG-13

November 11th, 2012 (09:22 pm)

Summary: Welcome to my life, where the characters move in and take over. Only this time, they’re not just from Middle-earth! Whodathunk Legolas would object to my Hawkeye crush? Or that Gimli and Black Widow would get along so well? What happens when Hobbits insist the Fellowship join the Avengers? A Sequel to A Mirkwood Spider Landed On My Front Porch

When Fandoms Collide

Previous Chapter

Chapter Two

Holey Bike Shorts!

Surprisingly, Natasha doesn't kill me for the novel I'm writing about her and Clint. She just kind of clams up and refuses to look at Clint or me. Legolas and Clint continue to glare at one another, from opposite sides of the room. I don't think they'll ever get along.

Bruce and Tony have wandered off somewhere, and the rest of us are just kind of hanging around waiting. I'm not quite sure for what. Probably for me to figure out just how to write the Fellowship into the Avengers or visa versa but I gotta tell ya, I'm rather stumped.

So, we just…wait. Gimli's in the kitchen doing some baking, and Natasha and I are seated on the futon. The Hobbits are in a corner whispering (Plotting?), and random other characters meander in and out, casting looks my direction as if to say "figure it out already!" Trust me, guys, I wish I could, but this is all just a bit…odd. Odder than usual.

"So," Natasha says, taking my attention off the awkward silence. "The dark haired elf?"

I raise my brow. There's any number of dark haired elves wandering around among the golden and red haired ones.

"Not the twins, the other one."


I raise my other brow. Again, there's quite a few, though to be fair many of them are Peredhil, which isn't exactly elves, but more like Mongrels, but they're kind of proud of it.

"Not the healer guy either…" She sighs and gestures towards the bathroom. "The one on his hands and knees cleaning the bathroom in nothing but bike shorts!"

Oh! "That would be Erestor. What about him?" I glance his way, my eye appreciatively running over those aforementioned bike shorts hugging his elven frame. I do love when Erestor cleans the bathroom!

"Why is he just wearing bike shorts?" she asks, her eyes roaming as well.

"Some things we just do not question," I tell her. "We just accept."

"And enjoy the view?"


"Okay, that works for me."

We both sigh about the same time identical twangs sound from opposite sides of the room. And the next thing I know, Erestor shrieks and falls flat on his face, an arrow protruding from each cheek (And not the ones on his face!)

I glare at the elven arrow, obviously of Eryn Lasgalen make in the standard green and yellow, while Natasha glares at the SHIELD issued arrow. Seems our archers have found something of a common ground after all.

Clint smirks and looks rather smug. Legolas, on the other hand, looks rather guilty. This is all kind of out of character for him. His jealousy is way out of place since he knows my heart is taken by the Balrog Slayer. Cute he may be, but he's not Glorfindel. (And Glorfindel isn't Clint Barton but I'm not about to acknowledge THAT attraction with the master assassin from Russia in denial sitting less than two feet from me!)

Speaking of Balrog Slayers, Glorfindel, his attention caught by the elvish cursing from the bathroom floor, sticks his head in and asks, "Are you well, Erestor?"

"Do I look well? There are two arrows in my arse!" Erestor snaps in that way only Erestor can, the manner that makes even Glorfindel take a step back.

But you don't kill a balrog if you're easily intimidated by near naked Chief Councilors flat on their faces with arrows in their ass. "Indeed."

Elrond steps in, shaking his head and taking assessment of the situation and most likely deciding how best to remove the arrows quickly without Erestor killing him, but suddenly Pippin shoves past him into the small room, his eyes wide. "Erestor? Are you dead? Say you aren't dead!"

"I'm not dead."


Merry pushes in to gape at the spectacle, because Erestor isn't humiliated enough at this point. "Whatever you do, don't answer Namo's call! Stay with us!"

Erestor groans. "I will walk this world as one of the Houseless before I go to that nutcase's halls!" Erestor snaps.

"Well, that's it," Pippin states matter-of-factly, "he's dying."

"Please do not die, Erestor!" Merry pleads.

Elrond rolls his eyes, unable to handle the medical emergency with distraught Hobbits in the way. He gives them a stern look. "If you wish to help Erestor, I need you both to go outside and find me a blue flower with red thorns."

Merry and Pippin glance at each other before rushing outside, two Hobbits on a mission for Agent Smith… Errr… Elrond. Frodo, who's been watching with casual interest, turns to Sam. "How long do you think it will take them to realize it was a Shrek gag?"

Sam just blinks at him, and Frodo drops his head into his palm. "I'll send Elladan and Elrohir to find them later. Blue flower with red thorns… Sheesh."

Natasha sits back looking a bit overwhelmed, which considering the things she's seen is rather surprising. "Is it always like this here?"

"Pretty much," I tell her. "And you never know just who might turn up."

The words are hardly out of my mouth when music that I suppose is meant to sound like an angel symphony but really sounds like Tinkerbell fills the air. I groan. A moment later, there in the middle of the living room stands Lord Námo himself…sans his normal black attire. Indeed, sans any attire at all! For the love of Manwë, he's BUCK ASS NAKED, unless you count the blue and yellow polka dotted shower cap covering his dark locks. He's got a chartreuse towel tucked under one arm and is holding a loofa and a rubber ducky.

"Do I want to know?" Natasha asks, looking as stunned as I feel, though really, at this point nothing should surprise me.

"Son of a bitch," Tony squawks as he walks in with Bruce. "What the hell?"

Bruce just stares a moment, then casually walks back out the door. I don't really blame him. The last thing we need is for him to Hulk out…or burst into hilarious laughter as Clint is doing. Steve, sulking in a corner (I still haven't figured out what his issue is. I always took him for a big sweetie) suddenly takes notice of the new arrival and turns the color of red thorns. The regulars only give Námo a glance and then go back to worrying about Erestor.

I roll my eyes and shove aside the wish to hide in a closet. Closets aren't safe in my house. You never know who might turn up in one. Or come out of one. "That would be Námo, Lord of Mandos. You would probably call him Lord of the Dead but that's not exactly right. It's complicated."

"More complicated than gods from Asgard?" Clint asks, holding his side from the laughter. "Because Thor and Loki were rather complicated, but that?" He points at Námo, who is completely unphased or ashamed in his nude form (a body is really pretty much the same thing as clothes to a Vala). "That's just…" He bursts out laughing again.

"I think I made a wrong turn," Námo states, looking around. "This isn't the baths on Saturn's rings."

I blink. Baths on Saturn's rings?

"Don't ask," Námo says, and I think if the Lord of Mandos says don't ask, you don't ask.

In the distance I hear a bit of thunder. Is it going to rain? It was perfectly sunny earlier, when I'd looked outside, before — Well, I glance around at the utter chaos that is my life…again — before THIS happened! "Definitely more complicated, though certainly not more ridiculous." I gesture at the Lord of Mandos. "Loki wouldn't show up naked."

A booming voice fills the room. "How little you know my brother, Authoress. He would indeed show himself naked."

Well, well, well… Guess that explains the thunder. It was inevitable, I suppose, that with speaking of gods and the Valar, that Thor has arrived. Why do I have the feeling that can't be a good thing?

Next Chapter

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FIC: When Fandoms Collide 1/? PG-13

November 8th, 2012 (04:10 am)

Summary: Welcome to my life, where the characters move in and take over. Only this time, they’re not just from Middle-earth! Whodathunk Legolas would object to my Hawkeye crush? Or that Gimli and Black Widow would get along so well? What happens when Hobbits insist the Fellowship join the Avengers? A Sequel to A Mirkwood Spider Landed On My Front Porch

When Fandoms Collide
By Nieriel Raina

My life had got a bit dull, a little too routine. I know I shouldn’t have expected it would last, but with the spider on extended vacation (Okay, I honestly don’t know where she went!) writing has been out of the question. Oh my character roomies are still hanging about. It’s never completely quiet, but actual progress on a story line? Not happening.

At least not until something happened that I so didn’t expect. The unthinkable!

I fell in love with another fandom. Whodathunk it?read moreCollapse )

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Still alive...

September 11th, 2012 (08:41 pm)

and currently into The Avengers (and nursing a serious crush on Jeremy Renner). Anyone know of any good Avengers fic? Gen fic or Hawkeye/Black Widow? Suggestions appreciated. I'm having a hard time sorting thru the sludge at the Pit of Voles.

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