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Undying Friendship Series List in Chronological Order

January 1st, 2006 (06:35 am)

Here you will find the chronological order to read the UFS in as well as where to find the individual stories in the case where they are posted as part of a collection.

Undying Friendship Series List in Chronological Order

First Age

Wisps of Gold

By the Grey Light of Dawn

Second Age

Deeper and Richer

Third Age

(Where known, year is listed first) 

1054—Home For an ElvenkingHeart of the Elvenking Series

1057—TransformedHeart of the Elvenking Series

1057—Downhearted and a Bit Put OutHeart of the Elvenking Series

1060—The Water's SongHeart of the Elvenking Series

1093—Where Is It?                                                    

The Forest Maiden's ViewWork In Progress

2509Two Words

2510Silver Bells

2759Whatever Harm EncroachedHeart of the Elvenking Series

2933Spiced Wine on a Snowy DayGolden Lord of Gondolin

2934From the Jaws of Death—Work in Progress


2935Never, In All My Days…

2941Deadly Was the Wrath of the HandsHeart of the Elvenking Series

2943Instruction In Youth

2944Watching the AntsGolden Lord of Gondolin

Jun3018A Dark Shadow Under the Moon

Oct3018One to Welcome, the Other to DestroyGolden Lord of Gondolin

Oct3018This Side of Paradise

Oct3018Elvish Magic

Dec3018Hold To Hope Heart of the Elvenking Series

Dec—3018—In Good Company

Dec3018To Represent the Elves

Jan3019Taste the Fungus—Fungal Follies

Jan3019A Successful Attempt

Mar3019I Am Of The House Of Eorl

Mar3019Darkest Before Dawn

Mar3019The Trees Were Burning

Mar3019In Hot Water

Mar3019Free To LiveHeart of the Elvenking Series

Mar3019Utúlie'n AurëGolden Lord of Gondolin

May—3019—The Last Gift

—3019Feast on MushroomsFungal Follies

Sep3019Ghosts and Ghouls

Oct3019Great EffortHeart of the Elvenking Series

Oct3019What's For Dinner?

Oct3019Dance of the Deer and Mumak

Oct3019A Good Thing

Aug3020Of Fillies and Kings

Jun3021Forest AssaultHeart of the Elvenking Series

Sep3021Let Me Be Your Strength


Fourth Age

1Tracking Monsters

1Uncharacteristic Fury


1The Gift

2To Save A FriendFuture Story!

5Ease My Heart

6Birthday Celebrations

7Catching a Steward Off His Guard

7Never Again

8Where Once My Enemy StoodHeart of the Elvenking Series

9Seemingly Forbidding Crags

11Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

12A Torturous Predicament Called Entertainment

14Offering Nothing More Than Tears

15When You Gotta Go…

18Hide the Knives

21A Trickle of Green Ribbon


22Forever Changed


29Carving Stone

38Best By Far

59As Was Dwarven Tradition

63Never Alone

73The Last Green Leaf

120Follow the Sun

120Memories In Wood


In Aman

Fulfilling Oaths (multi-age story: 1st, 3rd and 4th age)

160A Song That Was

160Never ApartFuture Story!


Every Year on the First Day of March

163The Prince and the Shepherdess

165Don't Say Goodbye

165Prince of MusicFuture Story!

Redemption's PrinceFuture Story!

Destiny's PrinceFuture Story!

Wish Upon A Falling Star

Surrounded by Light

The End